Project management interview questions and answers

Free top 39 project management interview questions and answers

The interview questions below can be used for project positions such as: Project manager; Project assistant; Project supervisor; Project coordinator, project engineer, project analyst, project team leader etc

I. Sample project interview questions

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1. Tell us about your experience in managing different projects and how this can contribute to our position?

2. Describe how you recently managed a diverse project team towards a common goal?

3. Describe the most complex project you have managed from start to finish?

4. What are some of the project that you handled in the previous job?

5. What is the tool that you have used to create project plan?

6. What do you think should be the proficiency level of the Project Manager when it comes to technical details of the project?

7. How would like the team to be informed of their achievements and goals on a regular basis?

8. What are the steps that you would take to improve the competency of team members?

9. How does the technical and functional documentation help in managing the project?

10. How would you anticipate the risks and hurdles that you might face later in the project development phase?

11. What is Monthly Project Management Methodology?

12. How do you think can you bring in Innovative designs into the project?

13. What are things that you have found to be low priority when planning for (your type of project)?

14. Which tool would you use to define, manage and control projects?

15. What is risk management and how will you plan risk response?

16. What are outputs of project closure?

17. What are the methods used for project estimation?

18. Do you know what Project Software the new company uses and is there training for it?

19. What are project selection methods?

20. What did you learn from the project?

21. How to measure/appraise your position: Project management?

22. Describe two or three major trends in Project management?

23. What tertiary qualifications have you attained that related to Project management?

24. What is the most recent skill you have learned that related to Project management?

25. What experience have you had in project management?

26. Name five signs that indicate your project may fail.

27. When you are assigned a project, what steps do you take to complete the project?

28. Do you inspect or plan for quality?

29. What made you choose to apply to Project management?

30. What have you learned from your past jobs?

31. Tell me about your last position in project management and what you did?

32. What do you know about the position of Project management?

33. How many projects you handled in the past? Deadlines met? On time/ within budget? Obstacles you had to overcome?

34. Describe what you did in a difficult project environment to get the job done on time and on budget.

35. What metrics would you expect to use to determine the on-going success of your project?

36. What are the necessary steps to successful project management?

37. What are key tasks for Project management?

38. What are top 3 knowledge/top 3 skills for Project management?

39. What are KRAs/output of position: Project management?

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Free sample project management job interview questions and answers. Updated: 2010/2011.



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